Friday, 27 November 2015

The ONLY Black Friday offer I am sharing

Further to my post below about the Ultimate Diary Planner (links in the post to order your A4 Planner with free A2 Ultimate Wall Planner before 1st December), Sophie @ the Brand Kitchen is having an 'upto 50% off sale until Midnight tonight'.

Here is the main Sale page showing all of the different products (the discount is applied at checkout, click on the 'Add to Cart'  button within each product to see the sale price).

If you prefer a digital planner, then the A4 Ultimate Planner in digital form is only £9.99 for the next 3 hours.

Sophie's popular social media solution, The Ultimate Social Media Planner, is also 50% off @ £11.99.

Amongst all of the products included in the sale tonight, the biggest saving is for the Ultimate Brand training - £299 on the Empress packageSee details of the training at
(but remember to click on the link above to access the 50% discount).

I wanted to make sure that you had the chance to get these discounts, so this post is a bit rushed (and images were refusing to be inserted!), but please email me at or send me a message at my Facebook page if you want to know any more details about a specific product.

Ali x

Planner Time!

It's the time of year when we suddenly realise how much of this year has gone by already and look at what we want to achieve before Christmas. It's also a time when we decide we want to make next year our best year EVER!
Yes, using digital resources like your smartphone calendar or Evernote (I have just discovered it and now busy writing lists) would seem to be the best and only option for planning out your days/weeks/months/year, but I personally still absolutely adore stationery and physical products.
That's where the Ultimate Diary Planner comes in - this beautiful diary planner can be your sidekick to creating the life and business that you want in 2016.  I have ordered an A4 version for my desk (and so excited about it arriving in the next few weeks).
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Not only does it have lots of great pages for tracking your progress, planning your goals and writing notes, it is also brilliant for managing your to do list (and so much more!).
Not only is it incredibly useful, it also looks fabulous and is motivational too, as there is a positive quote on every diary page.
If you haven't got one of these in your life yet then head over to now to order your copy: Available in A4 (pink) and A5 (teal) and delivered in super-shiny envelopes! (scroll down in the link to see photos of the 2015 planners as they are delivered in the amazing envelopes).
If you order an A4 Planner before 1st December you will receive a free A2 Ultimate Wall Planner (rrp £9.97) - and you get access to the digital bonuses immediately.
Ali x
p.s. who else do you know that totally needs one of these? Why not tag them in the comments or share this post with them.
p.p.s. this is a fantastic Christmas gift if you're looking for something affordable and brilliant.
p.p.p.s  Now is the weekend to order.  They will be out for delivery very soon - and make sure that you do not miss out on the A2 Ultimate Wall Planner, if you order an A4 Planner before 1st December.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Here I am - better late than never.  The weather is all over the place in Pembrokeshire this morning, so I was all confused about the ponies/Doris the Donkey.  Should I leave them in their shed for yet another duvet day - or should I chuck rugs on them and let them have some fun in the field?  Well, as I went out of the door, the sky cleared and even a bit of blue appeared - so rugs on two of them, and they are happily munching on the grass.  I then took Buzz the Jack Russell for a longer walk, as rain is meant to return later this afternoon.  Tired now and definitely need to sit at the computer for a bit.

WOYWW, for those who have no idea what this is - stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday'.  See more details and a link to join in at Julia's Stamping Ground.  On my desk today, I have some felt/embroidery threads and ribbon so that I can attempt to make some donkey tree decorations.  There is a pattern to download over at the Donkey Sanctuary (plus knitting and crochet patterns).  There is also a cute Xmas card that I saved from last year, and will be using it to make a card - to add to the huge pile of TWO that I have already made !!  The CD-Roms are from 2006 - so not even sure if they will work in my PC, but worth a try and to see if the 'cool fonts' are really funny or actually worth using.

I had a big sort out of my crafty magazine stash - and have a good pile of Craft Stamper (with cover stamps, Making Cards (again, with all the papers etc), Card Making with your PC (with the CD-Roms), various scrapbooking magazines and others.  They are free to a good home - just pay for the courier, as they will be heavy boxes.  Let me know if you would like all or some of them.

I hope everyone is ok after this sad and worrying week - and that Storm Barney did not cause you too much trouble last night (just some more sticks off trees and very wet roads/yard/fields here).

Happy WOYWW to all those I do not manage to visit.

Ali x

Monday, 26 October 2015

A sad time - RIP Medina

Very sadly, on Friday 23rd October, we had our 13 year old Lurcher, Medina, put to sleep.  It was very sudden - she was running in the fields on Thursday.

The vets came out to our home, which was so much more dignified and peaceful for her.  I would recommend that you ask your vets if this is possible, if you are faced with the decision that no pet owner wants to make.

She was an angel.  Came from Ireland as a very traumatised rescue case in early 2003 and she came to live with me in the May.  So nervous at first that I could not get a collar on her.  It took a lot of time and patience, but gradually I gained her trust.  Every step in life was a huge step for her - getting used to walking on a lead, introducing her to traffic, going in the car (she had terrible car sickness for many months), seeing people out on walks (she would panic and literally try to jump into my arms - she was a fairly big dog), etc, etc, etc.  

She never lost that nervousness completely, and always hated Irish accents and men wearing baseball caps.  However, with children and other animals she was always very gentle, and was a great friend to several fostered dogs and our other dogs over the years.

Her favourite thing was running loose in the fields or on the beach.

There is a massive gap in our lives now.  She leaves behind her brother of over 7 years - Buzz the Jack Russell, who thankfully seems ok.

She has gone over Rainbow Bridge and will be with Roswell, Sammy and Bob the Pekingeses.

Ali xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Another busy week has been had - and my To Do list just keeps getting re-written as soon as I get to the bottom of it.

I actually just made a card!  Not digital, not a card from my 'drawer of ready-made or shop-bought cards'.  I cut up paper, coloured in and raided my embellies box for some stickers.  No idea where the inspiration came from and, as I sat there under my daylight light trying to control my shaky hands so the pens coloured somewhere within the lines, I did almost give up.  However, it is finished.  A birthday card for my younger sister.

Here is my desk, about halfway through the process.

My box of metallic/sparkly pens on top of packs of my trusty Marvy Le Plume II pens (one of my first crafty purchases from QVC back in 2005 I think!!).  A Daisytrail paper pack that came with one of their digikit collections.  Gorgeous Autumn designs.  The sticker flip book.  The card stuck down with glue (not used that for a while), scissors, glue, keyboard ...)  I think you can always tell a crafter, as there is a cutting mat on the table, despite the fact I rarely use it now!

Here is the finished card.

I am just about to design an insert on my fab Serif CraftArtist Professional software, and then I need to wrap a pressie - package all up to go into post.

It will be lunchtime by the time I finish at this rate!

Hope that you have all had a reasonable week.  To see other more crafty workdesks than mine, go to Julia's Stamping Ground.  All the details and linky form on there.

Ali x

ps  Got my Numerology book out, and 3 has the following meanings.

Artists and creators of the world.  Ability to uplift and inspire.  Childlike.  Born entertainers.  Tendency to gossip.  Fabulous sense of humour.  (Definitely describes us!!)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


OMG - I have not been here since 300 back in March (I will not even put any exclamation marks, as I would need so many it would cover the page).

Life has just taken over, and crafting/personal blogging has not been top of my To Do List.

I have been missing you all (and missing meeting lots of new WOYWWers I bet?) and spent a happy hour last night reading through lots of my old blog posts.  So much has happened in the past 3 years, but a lot has stayed the same (my health for one - I have not had a miraculous recovery yet!).

If you would like to join in with this global blog hop, go to Julia's site Stamping Ground for more details and a linky thing.

Writing a business website and blog is all about keywords, SEO scores, short sentences and selling my products.  It is fantastic to be here and just write what comes out of my fingers.

I have not been doing much crafting and my sewing machine has not been turned on since I finished my dachshund cushion.  I really must change that.  We are grandparents twice over now - and I have so many photos that I want to use for scrapbooking etc.  Selling Tarot readings and worrying about growing an email list will have to take a backstep occasionally !!

Right - what part of my craft room/office/Tarot reading space can I show you?  Note it is not just a craft room now.  I even find myself saying that I am going to my office now.  I sorted out some of my crafty stash into proper storage boxes and here it is.

Just some of my CD-Roms and Digikits (there are more in one of the old wardrobes).  
I bet lots of you would like to rummage through that!

My paper/card storage - even got my A3 properly sorted (as hubby bought me the fab A3 printer last year).  The sheep is from one of my new favourite shops, Tiger.  There is one in Carmarthen, which is a town we don't go to often now - and I always have to have a stroll round.

Well, I had better publish this now and then sort out the washing.  Hubby is away in Ireland on a business trip, I want to get into town later to buy more guinea pig food (I gave in last month and acquired 4 lovely girlies) and I do actually have to do some 'proper' (ie paid) work.  I have 2 Tarot readings to do and a book review.

Will get round some blogs later.

Lovely to be back.

Ali x

Friday, 4 September 2015

Slow Down but Do Not Stop

This is my top tip for anyone with Fibromyalgia or another chronic pain/fatigue condition.
It relates to our physical movement, but also to our mental exercise and our goals/ambitions.
For instance, I may not be able to run or horseride now, but I do walk my dogs/attempt to keep up with the housework.  I am also constantly learning about new things and continuing with my journey towards taking over the world with Tarot Farm!
Pacing is incredibly important/vital for us (I will be doing another blog post with advice on pacing, so subscribe today to receive updates).
I have always been active (both physically and mentally - I am naturally curious and enjoy physical movement, especially outside), which in some ways helps me with my life after my diagnosis.  However, it can also be incredibly difficult to accept that my life has changed so much.  I get jealous when I see others out riding their horses, and I cannot bring myself to throw out my running shoes.
Having a new challenge in your life, when you have been forced to abandon so much, is another vital step.  I have done a lot - bought a young donkey (always wanted a donkey of my own and knew that if I didn't do it now, then it may never happen), started Tarot Farm and really thrown myself into social media/blogging - but perhaps it will be something a lot simpler for you.  Is there a craft you have always wanted to try?  Would you like to clear a small part of your garden and grow some vegetables?  Read some of the books on your list?  Bake a cake for the first time?
It is your choice.  Start today.
Ali x