Wednesday, 26 December 2012


As at 6.03 am on Wednesday 26th December 2012, I do not have a photo to show for
  (Julia started this addictive weekly tour around craft workspaces on her blog, Stamping Ground.  Click on the link and join in.)
WOYWW this week - but don't worry, I will try and fix that.  I am on my new PC (yes, it arrived on the Saturday before Xmas - preventing me getting the tree and deccies up that day, and causing my hubby to spend hours getting it set up) and still struggling to get it to link to our household data storage device thingy (official technical speak!), which is what I copied all my stuff from my little netbook onto.  I also haven't managed to transfer photos from my phone using Bluetooth yet, so in other words, I am all out of options!  I am sure it will be sorted soon and then I can show you piccies of my chaotic workdesks - with fab big screen, fab big keyboard, and my 2 main Xmas pressies (a Bamboo graphics tablet and pen, and a Silhouette Cameo - *would jump around with excitement if my body would allow that*).  The last two aren't set up yet.  I thought it would be rude to abandon our guest (my 19 year old stepdaughter is with us for Xmas) and spend hours of crafty technical fun in my craft room.  I am up early again this morning (it was 4.30 am yesterday), as pain levels have increased recently, so may get round to doing it before the rest of the house stir from their beds.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate.  Hope that Santa brought you some fab crafty gifts.  Please share with me in your comments.

We still have far too much food in the house - and are off to spend the afternoon/evening with Rich's family, so that will be another large meal (with me being forced to have a piece of each dessert - well, it is Xmas!).

I will publish this now, to save you all from my rambling - and will be back soon to add a photo (wish me luck).

Happy WOYWW to all those who are addicted enough to add their blog to the list on Boxing Day!!

Ali x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Unusually for me, this will be a very brief post.  I am meant to be going to the doctors for 9 am, followed by hair cut @ 9.30 am, so I need to get on with having breakfast/walking dogs/feeding ponies.

My photo shows my desk this morning.  Some digistamps printed out to make the final 3 Xmas cards and a gorgeous postcard received as part of the monthly UK Stampers swap.

It has been a busy week - lots of present ordering, present wrapping, house cleaning and watching Real Housewives of Washington DC (a new series in the UK and totally addictive!).

Hope everyone has a good week, which obviously includes the Big Day!!  Merry Christmas and I hope to be here on Boxing Day, using my new computer (which hasn't arrived yet, but fingers crossed it does - as I am struggling on my little netbook now.  Having trouble with my eyes again).

Happy WOYWW to everyone who I don't manage to visit.

(WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and is the brainchild of Julia at her blog, Stamping Ground.  Take a visit there and you will find a long list of crafters sharing their workspaces.  Join in - we don't bite!)

Ali x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


If you do not know what WOYWW stands for (What is on your workdesk Wednesday) and why we are posting piccies of where we craft, or you are fully aware of its meaning and would either like to join in or just have a good sneaky nose about, then go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.

I haven't shared my workspace with you all for a couple of weeks, which is good in some ways - my craft room has been taken over at times by parcel deliveries.  I have managed to tidy up a fair bit and now there is actually room on my desks to craft.

The past week has been busy - in every way.  I have managed to ride my pony once (just 30 minutes up the lane, mostly in walk - didn't hurt me too much, but I did struggle to get my foot high enough to get on her.  Note to self - must get a mounting block!) and also walked her out inhand a few times.  She gets fat and lazy if she stands around eating hay/straw all day!!  Most of my Xmas cards have been written out and will be posted later today.  Lots of Xmas pressie deliveries have arrived. 

Crafting - apart from making angels (see my post from yesterday here), I made a few extra Xmas cards to go with various swaps, which included a winter theme bookmark (my first thought was of a landscape in suitably frosty colours, but then I found these cows!)

and a spooky theme ATC (nice change to make something non-festive).  This was for Haunted Design House.  A fab blog where I can channel my inner love of all things gothic/spooky! 

I even made a birthday card, so there is definitely light at the end of the festive crafting tunnel.

My desk this week had a Xmas pressie to myself on it.  I have been putting a pair of heated booties on my pressie list for 3 years now and never got any.  So, when I was doing some shopping online for other people's pressies, these just fell into the box as well.

Now to the final photo - of my actual desk, when some crafting was taking place.  Not taken this morning (it is dark and nothing is going on).  It shows the spooky ATC being completed, the 2 angels watching at the side and the remaining ATC designs - bought on ArtFire

Happy WOYWW to everyone and have a fabulous week.

Ali x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A late afternoon update

Well, I am trying to stay relaxed and calm - BUT the usual pre-Xmas panic is starting to set in.  I have a long list of craft projects to complete and post off, but I can see the end of that now, and lots will be in the post tomorrow.  Xmas cards - I will sit down tonight and write out all the ones I have made already and then assess the state of my list.  I will then buy some from a charity shop tomorrow, and then I don't need to worry about finding time to make the rest.  Four parcels arrived with the postman and a courier today; only 2 more parcels expected.  Next year, I think I will either just give vouchers or buy everything from one store.

We ordered my new computer yesterday, and it should be with us within 10 working days.  It has Windows 8 and a big screen, so will be fab for my digital crafting and blogging.

I bravely decided to take part in Jozarty's Angel Swap.  I received 2 wonderful angels - one from Jo and one from Donna  My attempts to create something angelic ended up with these -

I was already late making them and my grander ideas involving different materials and my sewing machine had to be put to one side for another day.  I simply cut out 'angel' shapes from card and then stuck on pieces of Xmas paper, and then trimmed the edges.  Ric-rac was used for the hanging loops.  I sprayed silver glitter on both sides.  The wings were cut from acetate, which already had a design printed on it.  I named them Sraosha (Angel that sets the world in motion) and Purah (Angel of forgetfulness).

Ali x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Fab Shopping - crafty stash and all handmade goodies

I was just doing a search for images for an ATC and discovered a really good alternative to Etsy.


I ended up buying the image sheet I had originally found, plus another digital sheet and a gorgeous set of wooden stamps!

Sorry if this link makes you spend money!!  (It could also make you money, if you have anything to sell.)

Ali x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Random Catch-Up

It seems like ages since I last typed very quickly on here.  Dental treatment, sorting out builders and then our week in Spain has meant that time in my craft room has been limited.

Am I the only one who is wishing that Xmas was already over??!  I have only posted 3 cards and, despite starting to make cards in June, do not have enough for my whole list.  Oh well, some very simple cards (can I get away with a stamped sentiment in a frame??) or 'horror of horrors' buying charity cards will have to do.  I seem to have a long list of swaps
(take a trip over to UK Stampers for monthly ATC, Twinchie (2 x 2") and Postcard swaps)
 and birthday cards (how awful to have a birthday this month) to complete in the next week or so.  My dream of sitting making Xmas cards with festive music playing in the background and all my shopping done/wrapped/posted to distant family - well, that is just a dream.  Shopping-wise, I have ordered most things over the internet (what we would do without it?) and now await with bated breath the arrival of postman/courier in muddy van.  Just a couple of pressies to get locally (which I will do ASAP before the shopping 'silly season' really starts.  I was in town yesterday and it wasn't too busy) and more for hubby, which is very difficult as he prefers to choose his own gadgets.  Will have to resort to biking clothing again.

Our week in Spain, Mojacar Playa between Murcia and Almeria, was sort of lovely.  The sun shone all week (although it is cold at night/first thing in the morning), apartment was great (with a terrace overlooking the sea and mountains) and we enjoyed some fab meals.  However, I was ill a lot of the time (the flight out there and the 3 hour drive to the airport at 5 am was a test of endurance for me) and hubby gets bored just sitting around sunbathing/reading, so our next holiday (Tenerife in January) will see him taking his mountain bike (which he usually does) and then he can entertain himself on the trails whilst I relax/shop!!  I also managed to take the wrong notebook with me, so didn't have Kate's phone numbers with me.  We were only a few miles from her and couldn't meet up.  I was so annoyed with myself.

View towards the mountains from
the apartment terrace

The view from our lunch table
on Thursday

A mountain view - look at
how dry the ground is!

A random old door -
just because!

The main other news is that I am now on the Feline Playful team - with responsibility for one of the weekly posts.  I will now discover how much work goes into keeping this wonderful blog up-to-date!  We should be ordering my new computer today (hubby likes to spend A LOT OF TIME comparing everything before we order the one I wanted in the first place!), as my old netbook is just too slow and small to cope with digital crafting etc.  Getting a shiny new Windows 8 desktop with a touch screen.  How posh!!  This will make everything so much easier and quicker.  It also means that I have to sit in my craft room rather than ending up on the sofa in front of the tv and fire.  Hopefully more crafting will be actually done, rather than just talking about it.

Hope that everyone is well, and I am glad it is not Wednesday (go over to Julia @ her Stamping Ground if you have no idea of why that particular day of the week is so important), as my craft room is particularly 'busy' - unopened parcel from Create & Craft, bags of Xmas shopping, stuff for the post office ...... 

Will be back soon with piccies of real crafting.

Ali x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Fab Digi Images - lots of 'alternative' Xmas images

I quite often come across a website that I think is particularly inspiring and this is one of them.

I saw them on a challenge blog where they were sponsoring the latest challenge, ATCs with Attitude, and the images that the DT had used were stunning.

Went to their shop and I WANT/NEED all of their designs!!

Go and take a look.  Lots of 'alternative' Christmas images - fab for those who love to colour in.

Ali x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Another male birthday card

I seem to have lots of cards to make for men at the moment.  This is for my uncle in America.  I saw a card layout in my Craftworks Cards recipe folder and used the basic design to suit what I had in my craft room.  The letter 'tiles' were simply stamped with a Versamark pad (alphabet stamps from my hugely versatile 3Birds collection) and double-embossed with a white embossing powder.  These were mounted onto paper from the much-used WeRMemoryKeepers pad that came free with a magazine (Simply Cards & Papercraft) earlier in the year.  The base card is kraft - my favourite!  A simple card - and the colours/backing paper could be changed to suit any recipient.

I enter this into -

Oldie but a Goodie Challenge - Anything but Christmas (most of it is over 6 months old!)

Artistic Inspirations - #16, Anything Goes

Incy Wincy Designs - Hip to be Square

Ali x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


In order to keep this post shorter, I did an extra update yesterday - see here if you want to read more about my life at the moment (long and chatty comments very welcome!).

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I do not manage to visit.  As usual, if you have no idea what WOYWW is, take a trip over to Julia at her blog, Stamping Ground, and there you will find a very long list of crafters showing off their workspaces on a Wednesday - and a linky for you to join in (Panic - It is 6 am in the UK and no post from Julia yet!!!!  ETA - panic over; Julia has changed her posting time to give us in this part of the world a better chance of getting higher on the list - yes, there is a competition to get to No.1 ).

My first photo is of an item that I have admired from afar for a while.  Yes, Julia's 'Ipad Holder/deckchair-thingy' !!  I was shopping in Lakeland in Llanelli on Saturday - and there they were.  A lovely big pile of them - and one just fell into my basket.  I do not even have an Ipad or any other tablet - but my notebooks sit nicely on it, and even my hubby admired it (and it was a good opportunity to then hint that everyone else has a tablet on their's - and how much I would like one!!).

I then have 2 photos of my desk from yesterday - yes, I do get it messy occasionally!  I even left it slightly untidy overnight, as I had started attempting to do some teabag folding for the first time (as part of my study course), and didn't want to lose any of the annoying little bits of paper!!  (I don't think that teabag folding will be a big part of my crafting in the future.)

Apologies for the first one being a bit blurry - must have moved my phone as I took the piccy.

They show a tag being produced.  Glue, papers, inkpads, stamp, card ......

Now, a quick piccy of the wonderful angel that JoZart sent to me as part of her Angel Swap.  I now have to make 2 angels (another panic coming on!). Wish me luck - I have never done anything like this before, not even in primary school.  I have some ideas, but my physical crafting skills will probably not live up to what is in my head.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A quick update so my WOYWW post is not so long!!!

1.  I survived my 2nd round of dental surgery yesterday.  He gave me a different combo of drugs, so I was not so sick/dizzy afterwards, but my pain levels were worse - but I would rather have that (although I still have a good moan about it!!) than the horrible feeling of actually being ill (if that makes sense?).  I have a temperature this morning, along with very stiff and sore shoulders/neck/throat.  At least it is over and we can now concentrate on looking forward to our holiday in Spain next week.

2.  More Xmas shopping was done on Saturday.  We went to Llanelli this time (if anyone from our area hasn't been, there are loads of good shops in 2 separate retail parks - including Dunelm Mill, Lakeland and Debenhams).  Had another look for a new computer for me.  I think we will be getting a good desktop with one of the latest 'processors' and lots of memory, but get a TV that can also be used as a monitor (better picture, more uses and cheaper).  I also got 2 more little pressies for female relatives from Lakeland - along with a few bits for me (I love that shop).  See my WOYWW post tomorrow for a piccie for something that now lives in my craft room.

3.  I still have several crafty projects to complete before we go away next Tuesday.  Should be getting on with one of them now, but I had to tidy up my craft room first - and then decided I should really get a couple of blog posts done.  Trying to get a bigger profile in the wonderful world of the internet.  We are so isolated down here in Pembrokeshire and I can not travel much - so the workshops/events/shops that so many people visit on a regular basis are out of bounds to me, except for occasional brave forays into the outside world!  I am doing more on Twitter and Pinterest in particular (my Facebook account is more about my friends on there - so I don't want to chat endlessly about my crafting - I will get another account set up, which is solely for TeddyBob Crafts).

I am keen to get on at least one design team.  No luck so far, but I will keep on applying when I see a DT Call - and when I have a spare moment will directly contact any blogs/companies that I am particularly drawn to.

As part of my study, I also need to get some media exposure - including magazines.  So look out for me in 2013 !!!

4.  I would love to go out and do workshops or run a 'physical' shop - but I need to be realistic about our location and my health.  I quite simply cannot drive any distance (especially in the dark), be chatty and vibrant and then drive home again - let alone all the preparation involved.   I have worked in craft shops before and know all the work involved with stock control, display, attending trade events/meeting up with suppliers, and the customers - so that is out, which makes me sad, as I see so many empty shop premises in great locations and know that I could make a huge success out of a business like that.  Oh well, I continue with entering challenges, taking part in swaps, making cards for friends/family (but please get in touch if you would like me to do a commission - I can always find the time and enjoy the involvement with someone else's requirements), spending a lot of time on the internet, reading magazines, watching Create & Craft/QVC, and learning as many new techniques as I can.  HAPPY CRAFTING DAYS!!

5.  I have some business ideas that I can do from home - and they will be experimented with in 2013.

Enough rambling from me.  When you only see your husband and animals most days, I have to get my words out some how!

Ali x

ps  So you do get to see a piccie, this is a cute card I made for my niece's birthday - using one of the wonderful 'Teacup Kittie' decoupage designs from Joanna Sheen.


On The Lookout

My Dad has always loved the sea and seaside towns, so one of my Michael Powell stamps was perfect for his birthday card.

Stamped with a Memento Inkpad and coloured with Speccie Pens.  Cut out the image and mounted onto 2 layers of torn Core-dinations paper.  This was mounted onto a base card made from a silver card (my very well-used Kanban assortment pack).

I enter this into -

Challenges4Everybody - #7, Always Anything Goes

Dream Valley Challenges - #45, Anything Goes

Coloured with Spectrum Noirs.
DG1, DG2, DG3
TN1, TN2, TN3, TN6, TN7
GG1, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5
FS1, FS2
BG1, BG2
BT3, BT7

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Another week has passed and we are back to our Wednesday tour around crafty workspaces.  Go to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, to join in.

I have recovered from my day at the NEC, and finally unpacked all the stash yesterday!  Although I didn't get everything on my list, I am really pleased with what I got and the prices.  Watching C&C last night (the Tim Holtz show with Hels - brilliant demo's, so watch today; 11 am on C&C, 5 pm on Ideal World), I was particularly impressed at how cheap I got my Distress Inkpads!!

The rest of my week has seen me doing a lot in my craft room, but not a huge amount of actual crafting.   I did use shrink plastic for the first time to make some little embellies for some twinchies, but I forgot to take a photo of them.  They turned out really well.    I seem to spend a lot of time on the computer - but all the 'research' (reading blogs mainly) is all a step in forming a proper business idea.  My hubby has put forward a few suggestions that means that I can continue to be completely mobile (so our plan to move abroad one day could still go ahead).  It will mean that I need to do more digital crafting, but my love of ink/paint/paper/card will still continue in my personal crafting.  I just need more hours in the day, so I can get it all done whilst still getting my much-needed rest.

As part of my study, I asked everyone last week to let me know where they get their inspiration from.
The results are -
Pinterest = 3, Blogs = 12, Magazines = 7, TV = 3, Workshops = 2, Nature = 3, Family = 1, Craft Fairs = 2, Blog Challenges = 4, Craft Shops = 2, Podcasts = 4, Book & Song Titles = 1, Meeting Artists = 1.

This shows how important the internet is to us crafters.  We really are a bunch of technology-savvy people!

My little notebook computer has proved to be a willing partner in my daily life, but he is struggling now with all the software and the screen is just too small.  Hubby has offered to get me a new computer and we started to look this week.  I think a desktop with a large touch screen is the way to go.  What do you all use?  Especially anyone who does a lot of digital crafting.  I also want to get a tablet for internet browsing etc from the sofa/bed/caravan/holidays, and have my eye on the Kindle or the new Google one.

We booked our annual winter holiday this week (my husband does a farming method which means that we do not milk the cows from November - January, so we usually escape to the sunshine whilst the farm is a bit quieter).  We are off to Costa Almeria in Spain on Tuesday 27th November.  Haven't been there before (usually go to Alicante or Malaga), but saw it featured on one of the property programmes and it looks gorgeous.  I have my 2nd dental surgery on Monday, but trying to ignore how quickly the week is going and concentrate on more positive things!

Well, I have rambled on for long enough, so these are my photos this week.

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I don't manage to visit.

Ali x

A gorgeous Thank You card I received from Sue,
who runs the RAK group on Ebay that I have just joined. 
A postcard for the latest UK Stampers swap.
One of my notebooks, which I use for lists - wish lists, addresses,
research lists, Xmas cards etc, etc.


The very first Xmas present I have wrapped, plus the 3 CD-Roms
that are waiting for me to play with them.  The Xmas one is a
magazine freebie, the Beatrix Potter one is the latest Create & Craft
members' gift and the Cute Puppies (which is a double pack with
Cute Kittens as well) was my first purchase at the NEC.


Friday, 9 November 2012

The Ultimate Stash List - from the NEC

I did manage to get to the NEC yesterday.  Up at 4.30 am, started the drive @ 5.50 am, arrived at the NEC around 10.30 am (with 2 stops on the way - my pain gets worse when I drive or sit still for a while).  Left the show at 5.15 pm (definitely get a 2-day ticket next time and stay overnight in a hotel, as there was so much to see - I didn't get round to everything).  Hit the traffic from hell (I lived in the Midlands and London for 13 years, but had forgotten how bad it gets!) and took 40 minutes to go the first 3 miles.  With 2 stops on the way back again (one for food, the other for petrol), I arrived home at 10.15 pm.  Long day - lots of money spent - but so worth it. 

If anyone is considering going to the show this weekend, then definitely go.  There was a fabulous range of exhibitors, bargains galore, demonstrations and workshops (if you get there early enough to sign up).  I watched some Create & Craft filming with Anthea Turner - a good excuse to sit down for a while.

Yes, it was crowded.  Yes, I couldn't get a seat to eat my sandwiches at lunchtime (found a corner with clean purple carpet to sit on - and met 2 lovely ladies, one from Cornwall, another from Scotland, had a good chat about embroidery).  Yes, I had to keep taking painkillers regularly and mid-afternoon was forced to sit down with a cake/drink.  But, I met so many lovely people, saw some really useful demo's and treated myself to a huge amount of stash.  I have got a ticket for the trade show in February and hope to get to the public show in March as well.  However, I will definitely stay in a hotel overnight and get some rest.

For those who asked, this is the stash list -

Packs of Kraft card and Super Smooth Ivory card.
8" square Kraft cards and envelopes.
2 x Xmas Owl decoupage sheets and a backing paper (from House of Zandra).
Angel Fibres.
Mini Cardboard Tiles.
Purple 'Brush Bucket'
Ink Blending foam pads.
3 x Shimmer Magic sprays.
Simply Cards & Papercraft mag.
Hot off The Press Vintage Christmas mag and kit.
PaperArtsy stamps.
Stretched Burlap frame.
Wood buttons.
Xmas Clay Cutters.
Imagination Crafts - stencil tape, 3 x stencil templates and 2 x Sparkle Medium.
Quick Cards Made Easy mag & goody bag.
2 x finger lift tape.
3 x packs of gems.
3 x Distress Inkpads.
2 x 12"x12" file folders.
2 x large acrylic blocks.
Penny Black stamps - Air Mail.
Owl Embellies & Horse World Embellies.
Penny Black 'Slapstick' stamp - Ragged Angel (gorgeous|!!)
Happy Birthday Owl stamp from Ludiec.
Nellie Shellent stamp - Cowboy.
MDF Mini Book.
6 x Xmas ribbons.
Paper pad.
Sub to Creative Cardmaking mag - with Free Docrafts Papermania Wheeled Large Tote (this was the best thing ever.  I was struggling to carry my bags, and this swallowed up everything, plus coat, and it was really easy to wheel around, plus the walk back to the car.  Go for this sub offer when you get to the show, or take a wheeled shopping trolley with you.
Double pack of Cute Puppies & Kittens CD-Roms.
Pack of heart embellies.

100 extra bonus points for getting to the end of this - imagine how long it took for me to unpack my tote and write the list!!  And now I have to find homes for everything in my craft room!

Ali x

ps  I forgot to put my WOYWW badge and did look around for anyone else wearing one, but didn't spot any.

Mel, Anthea and Nigel from C&C.
A really good scrapbooking session.

Christmas in Pink

It has been a while since I have entered any challenges, and lovely to be 'back in the saddle'!

CD Sunday is a favourite challenge blog of mine, and their challenge this week is the title of my post.

My card's main focal point is the 3-D bauble - 3 die-cut baubles from a Craftwork pad, folded in half and then stuck together.  The 'CD' element is the backing paper - from DoCrafts Papermania, their 'Christmas Past' DVD.  I also used embossed card from Craftwork Cards, ribbon from stash and the sentiment is stamped with a Molly Bloom clear stamp.  The inked edges are the Tim Holtz Distress Inkpad - Picked Raspberry, and a Spectrum Noir pen for the stamping.  Inspiration for the card came from my Craftworks Recipe Folder.

I also enter this into -

Crafty Bloggers Network - #5, Christmas Anything Goes

Created with Love - #16, Christmas No Red or Green

Hooked on Craft - #26, Christmas No Red or Green

Ooh La La Creations - Christmas

Ali x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Another week has gone by, and we get even closer to Xmas.  We do not have any children or much family, but I still panic a bit about getting the shopping done/presents wrapped and posted/cards made and posted ......  Do not know how you busy mothers cope?!

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workspace Wednesday' and is the baby of Julia on her blog, Stamping Ground.  We all share our links to our workspace/lives every Wednesday, and then take a tour around the world, leaving comments in a trail behind us.

My picture today shows not a lot going on, as I tidied up (as usual) after my crafting/studying session yesterday.  Studying?  You may ask.  Well, I am now a student again - and it is related to one of my favourite pastimes, Paper Craft!  Only just started and it is already proving to be interesting, educational and challenging - all in a good way.  Go to The Craft Qualifications Centre for more details.

As part of my study (we need to do research and explore sources of inspiration - so a good excuse for watching tv, reading magazines and spending time on blogs/forums!), I am hoping to get to the NEC.  It will be a long day for me - at least 4 hours of driving each way - but I am keeping everything crossed that my annoying body allows me to get there.  I have looked at the list of exhibitors, and there are so many fab companies.  My little head is spinning at the thought of it.  I have been involved with the business-side of crafting before (had my own market stalls, and on-line business), and my hubby is encouraging me to think of doing this again.  Not sure which direction I will be going in, but registered to attend the trade show in February again and also the trade magazine (very interesting to read about new products and future trends).  It will be difficult to combine anything new with my existing life and health issues, but I am determined to give it a go.

I did get to the NEC and it was fab!  Take a look at my post today (Friday 9th) for further details.

Can I ask you something?  Could you all comment with what inspires you most in your crafting (a blog, forum, shop, tv show, magazine etc, etc).  Also, if anyone has a commission that they would like made (a card, gift or whatever).  I would be happy to do this for free, as I need to complete projects for my course.  Get in touch at any time.  Thank you.

Ali x

ps  Happy WOYWW to everyone who I do not get round to visiting.

The pink card on my non-stick craft mat is nearly finished.  It will be an entry to some challenges,
as well as an 'Advanced Activity' for my study - I have to fill in a 'Recipe Card',
which means I cannot make a card really quickly.  All this thinking must  be good for me?!
You can see the Recipe Card on the left.  I am being really organised, as usual, and bought files to store
my study paperwork in.  The rest of the desk is covered by the usual 'stuff' that is totally
necessary for my daily crafting, plus some other items that just sit there looking at me.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I am a student again!

I saw an advert for the Craft Qualifications Centre in a magazine earlier this year and saved the website in my 'Favourites' for future use (like so many other websites - is it just me that has hundreds in there?!).

Last month I finally went and had a proper read, and decided that the Certificate in Papercraft was for me.  It is completed completely via 'distance learning' and is a good way for me to expand my crafting skill, without having to travel to college (which I cannot do).

I have set up my monthly payment and just received my password to start the course.  How exciting!  I will keep my followers updated on how I am doing - but thought it would be good to spread the word about the course for those who have not heard about it.  There are students all over the world, so it will be interesting to chat to others on the forum.

Ali x

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Firstly, I have been shocked at the images on the news from the US.  I hope that everyone is safe and coping with any damage/power loss.  We are having horrible weather this morning in Wales (strong winds and rain), but I had to tell myself that it is not a hurricance or even a storm and we are very lucky not to have those extremes.

Secondly, for those who do not know what WOYWW is - well it stands for What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday and it brings crafters from all over the world together mid-week, to show off our workspaces and what we have been up to.  It is all organised by Julia on her blog, Stamping Ground.  Join in with the fun and become addicted like the rest of us!

I have done some crafting this week, but definitely not enough.  After doing so well and starting to make Xmas cards early this year, I haven't made any for several weeks - and I keep looking at my Xmas crafty box with longing as I move it around the room whilst continuing with my big clear out.  I had my monthly swaps to get finished - a postcard, twinchies and ATCs (all for UK Stampers) - and I need to be organised and get next month's done early, as I will be having more dental treatment in 3 weeks time, and I know that then I will be out of action for a while.  I finally got 'experimental' and messy with my crafting.  Acrylic paints and filler were used for the first time, and I loved it.

Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not get to visit.

Ali x

You can see the results of my 'messy' crafting on the right - 3 ATCs.
The big pile in the middle is what I brought home after raiding our 2 local craft shops.
A 12x12 Halloween paper, ribbons, wood shapes, pearl gems - and I also
bought another bottle of acrylic paint.
The rest is the usual stuff that lives on my desk - with the remainder
of the tube of filler (wrapped in plastic bags to keep it soft) and the
stamp I created with my stamp making machine.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I have finally taken a photo of the stamp - mounted onto the lovely block with handle, which came with the stampmaking machine.  I haven't had a chance to try out the software - you can use it to make a stamp from a photo or any other image - as far too much time has been spent sorting out our cottage - but will post an update soon.

This will be a short post today, as I wasn't going to be here.  I am trying to be a good wife and really get on with the housework, preparing our cottage for our new manager and his family to move into on Saturday, and sorting out builders for the farmhouse renovation.  As well as the usual animal care, dog walking and the totally necessary resting in front of the tv!

However, I woke early, so here I am telling the world about my crazy life.  We link up on Wednesdays through Julia's blog,, and share our workspaces.

My picture shows my Teresa Collins Stampmaker machine, which I bought last year and still hadn't got round to using.  I needed to make a stamp for a postcard swap (or buy something - and I had run out of time), so it finally came out of its box and it was so easy to use.  I used one of the designs that came with it - 2 trees - to make the 'spooky' postcard.  Now I have the option to completely personalise my stamping.  It will be in use again this week, as I need to make some circus themed twinchies, and I do not have any circus stamps in my collection.  It came with software so you can create stamps from your own photos/any other picture - so I can find a suitable image online and then transfer it over.

I have done some other crafting.  I made a lovely card for my sister's birthday, and then lost it!!  I am sure I put it out in the usual place (on top of the tv in the kitchen) for posting, but it is not there and I have searched everywhere else.  It will probably turn up soon, but her birthday is today so I will have to grab a card from my box and post it with an apology.  I found the original card as soon as I had posted a replacement!!!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.  I should be good and not come back on here until this evening, but I may sneak on to visit a few people.

Ali x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Doing my cheeky 'type this on Tuesday evening so I can get higher on the list on Wednesday morning' thing!  Watching the Great British Bake Off final and getting hungry.

WOYWW is the weekly trip around the world to spy on other crafters - organised by Julia on her blog, Stamping Ground.  Come and join in.

I have had lots of requests for a follow-up on my purchase of Spectrum Noir pens and storage.  So here are a few photos. 

Empty storage unit (very easy to put together)

With the pens - I will be reorganising them

After watching the first 2 sections of the fab DVD that came with my set, I have used the pens to make a card for my Dad's birthday.  It is wonderful having so many different colours to play with, and makes blending a lot easier.

I am still going through the process of downsizing my craft room, complicated by having no internet for the past 3 days.  The green light is restored on our wifi device, so I can now get more stash listed on Ebay tomorrow - Spellbinders and other dies/embossing folders mainly (now I have sold my Cuttlebug - didn't use it a great deal and found it difficult to manage at times because of my stiffness/pain).  This has the added benefit of helping to clear my credit card balance!

I must really get back to regular crafting again - got lots of birthday cards over the coming months, plus Xmas cards of course - and various monthly challenges (ATCs, Twinchies and a Postcard).  I am also keen to start on scrapbooking and a journal.  No pressure then!

Really need more hours in the day - and a lot more energy - or an assistant (anyone like to live in rainy/windy Pembrokeshire - lots of food, mostly from the freezer - and a large untidy craft space?) !!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x
It has taken nearly 3 hours to get the software and bluetooth connection sorted between my new phone and the computer!  At least now it will be easier (was having to email them to myself before).  I dread to think what number I will be on the list now!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WOYWW 175 (or is it 176???)

Another Wednesday comes around and it is time to go over to Julia's Stamping Ground and view other crafty workspaces around the world.  My title is confused because I copied Julia and put down 176, and then realised that we had missed out 175 !

This Wednesday sees me sitting on the sofa not feeling 100%, but not because of my planned visit to the dentist.  Annoyingly, when I got up early on Monday morning I was soon struck down by a sickness bug and spent most of the day unable to move.  The treatment has been rearranged for 19th November, so I start the process of getting more and more terrified again.

I haven't done much crafting this week - more the admin involved in being a crafty addict, ie tidying up my room, selling stash on Ebay and putting a project swap together.

My photo shows my big box of the Spectrum Noir Mega-Deal from Create & Craft.  ALL the pens, plus the DVD and the storage unit.  I have been impressed by the pens when I have seen them demonstrated on tv, and many of my friends use them, and they are so much cheaper than Copics.  I was struggling to blend colours properly because I only had 72 pens.  When I saw the Mega Deal, I knew the best thing to do was take advantage and get the full set.  I finally unpacked the box yesterday and look forward to getting them organised on my desk, watching the DVD and starting to play.

Happy WOYWW to everyone.  I plan to visit lots of people this week.

Ali x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Xmas - All Wrapped Up

This is the theme over at Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge this week (#92).  I created this quick card with various Hunkydory and Kanban stash - always a source of great designs.

The inspiration for the 'faux ribbon' strips came from my wonderful Craftwork Cards Recipe Card Folder - full of sketches and ideas.

I also enter this into -

Papertake Weekly (Happy 5th Birthday!!) - Anything Goes (& Optional 'Celebrate')

Through the Craftroom Door #38, Always Anything Goes

Created With Love #11, Christmas

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is a bit of a rushed post, as I didn't get up early as planned and now I have a short period of time in the house inbetween walking the dogs and getting all the other animals sorted.

I have been busy in my craft room this week, including sorting out stash to sell.  We hope to be moving over to the old farmhouse this time next year (builders are working out what needs doing and how much it will cost!) and my craft room over there will be a lot smaller.  I have so much in here that I never use and I would rather have the money to buy more of what I want!  My Cuttlebug went yesterday - and my Copic pens are being bidded on (I have been thinking of changing over to Spectrum Noirs for a while - a lot fewer to collect and much cheaper, and everyone gives them a good review.  When I saw the Mega Deal on Create & Craft this week - all the pens, plus DVD and storage - I decided to treat myself).  Got all my Spellbinders and other embossing folders/dies to put on Ebay now, plus all the other drawers/boxes to go through and thin out.

My picture shows 2 copies of Craft Stamper magazine - been looking for ideas for a Halloween project - plus Halloween images ready to send off to a swap partner.  I bought 2 bottles of FolkArt paint last week (something else to collect!); already had a play with one of the colours and it is lovely to work with.  You can also see a layout that I created on CraftArtist 2 with a new digikit I bought from Ebay - Aviary Fable (lots of lovely owls, birds, foliage etc).  I am really enjoying learning all of the features on there.

I will be busy in the coming week - 3 birthday cards to make, plus Xmas cards and Halloween stuff.  I also have my second round of dental treatment under general anaesthetic on Monday (may have to have a tooth out), which I am trying to pretend is not happening.  My health hasn't been great and all I want to do is rest or craft, but we are busy on the farm/with builders so I am getting rest when I can and collapsing on the sofa at night.  Thank goodness for Tesco delivery, as I am not able to drive at the moment and it is wonderful to see the van arrive with our food (and my craft magazines!).

After saying I don't have much time, I have managed to waffle on for ages - so go over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see many other craft workspaces.  We do this every Wednesday and is part of our lives now.

Oh, and here is my piccy!

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I don't manage to visit.

Ali x

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Vintage Christmas

I had seen a challenge on Feline Playful with a Vintage Christmas theme, and already had the main images for such a card waiting to be used (for another challenge which I ended up not entering), so this card was born!

I covered a base card with green paper from the Papermania A Silent Night paper collection, sanded the edges and inked them with a gold inkpad.  A strip of gorgeous festive floral paper from the same paper collection was torn, inked and stuck across the card.  The main bell image was printed from a CD-Rom (sorry, can't remember which one!!) and there are a few decoupage layers.  The edges of this were wetted and then folded/creased to give a vintage look.  Once dry, again I used a gold inkpad to decorate the edges.  The 'sentiment' was printed from the same source, inked with TH 'Old Paper' Distress Ink pad, and then the gold.
I enjoyed making this card and using some techniques I have not used before, or not for a long time.
Ali x
I enter this into -
Card Crafters Circle #42, Vintage
Crafty Mess #18, Distressed/Aged
Perfect Sentiments Challenge #51 (PSC51), Vintage Christmas
PSC will be hosting a 1st Birthday Celebration and Blog Hop starting on 10th October - click on the badge on my side bar (the same as the piccy below) for further details and the chance to win Christmas Digital Stamps.

Friday, 28 September 2012

We Three Kings .....

Everything in my life seems to be last moment at the moment!  All week I have been thinking about making a Xmas card for the latest challenge over at Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge - #91, Nativity.  I finally made a card this morning and now found the time to sit down and get this post typed.

I had a big choice of toppers in my Kanban Xmas box (collected over 3 years), and settled for this stunning '3 Kings' design - highlighted with gold and beautiful exotic floral designs.  I made a base card using Craft Artist 2 - a 'fabric' background, 'stamped' and 'metal' embellies and a lovely sentiment.  I have realised that I can make lots of cards using this method - which will be great as we get closer to December and I start to panic!

I also enter this into -

Simply Create - #4, Always Anything Goes (Digital/Papercrafting)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I am so keen to get back into the swing of things, that I am starting to type this on late Tuesday afternoon.  Cheating perhaps, obsessive perhaps - but it means that I will hopefully get higher on the list of workspaces on Julia's Stamping Ground this week.

WOYWW stands for What is on your Workdesk Wednesday - and is the day of the week when we link a blog post showing our desk/table/room whatever, and then explore the wild world of crafting through the other blog posts.  It is fun!!

My photo this week shows the result of me getting back into my craft room after an absence of 4 days.  We had no heating in the house except for the woodburner in the living room due to running out of oil, so I have been spending all my time keeping warm in the one room (except for occasional trips outside or to the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom).

I have made 2 cards today (both of which were largely done using Serif Craft Artist 2 software) and there is also a postcard I made for a UK Stampers swap (theme was colour).

Hope that everyone is well and happy, and hopefully not flooded (we have had horrible rain all night, but thankfully our immediate area is not prone to flooding).  I plan to get round lots of blogs this week - inbetween catching up with crafting projects, and the usual stuff that fill up my life (slowed down by my annoying body).

Ali x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Awash with Flowers

I always try to enter the weekly challenge at CD Sunday and combined CD and digital crafting to make this pretty card (which would be suitable for many different occasions or just a notecard - I am thinking of making a selection of similar designs, also bookmarks etc, and making them into gift sets).

I fired up my Serif Craft Artist 2 software (for those who have thought of buying it, then definitely go for it - it is fab!!) and inserted the first CD-Rom from the Picknix Hybrid Digital Papercraft Collection from Studio12/PolkaDoodles.  I used embellies, a backing paper and a sentiment from the Heavenly Garden collection.  The additional flowers and 'Flower' label are from a digikit.  It was fun playing around to get the layout/effects right - and I particularly love the 'stamped' flower at the top.

I also enter this into -
Digi Makeover Challenge - #55, Anything Goes
Love to Create - #34, Anything Goes
Make It Monday - #108, Always Anything Goes
Ali x

Have a Fantastically Spiffing Birthday

It is wonderful to be back in my craft room.  We have not had any heating in the house since Thursday night (except for the woodburner in the living room), so I haven't ventured into my craft room except to grab my laptop and run!  I now have several cards to make, as well as a first attempt at an altered pencil tin lid, so will be here a lot over the next few days.

This bright, breezy and SteamPunky card is for my hubby's son's 22nd birthday (I don't call him stepson, as I don't think they would like to see me as their stepmum!).

He loves Monty Python, so thought a Steam Punk design would suit him.  I created the main 'topper' layers with the My Craft Studio Tinkering with Steampunk CD-Rom via my new Serif Craft Artist 2 software (fab!!) - and then used some scraps of card and paper to complete it.

I am entering this into -

Hooked on Craft Challenges - #24, Cards for Men

Love to Create - #34, Anything Goes

Make It Monday - #108, Always Anything Goes

Poisoned Peas Please - #7, Steampunk

Ali x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


It seems like years since I was last here, but probably only a few weeks!  I promise that I have been crafting, but not as much as I would like, and certainly no time/energy to get on the blog.

I will keep it short - but my health hasn't been great, I had dental treatment under general anaesthetic (local anaesthetic no longer works for me) and we have been busy inbetween touring about looking at farms for sale.

My desk shot taken yesterday shows a couple of finished Xmas cards (almost the same), lots of freebie stamps/papers from magazines on top of the printer and the usual crafty stuff that lives on my desk, so it is always to hand.

I plan to get round as many workspaces as possible in the next few days - but who knows what life will throw at me!!

Whoops - nearly forgot to link to Julia's Stamping Ground, where other crafters from all around the world share their workspaces and their lives.  This happens every Wednesday and makes our mid-week so much more exciting.

Ali x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Festive Fun & Games

After such a good start with creating my Xmas cards, the past few weeks went wrong and I didn't get any finished (although I did start on two!).  I am determined to get back on track - and have made two today (very similar, so just entering one in the challenges).

The theme this week at Hazel's Christmas Challenge is Fun and Games (#90).  I finally used a really cute Scotty Dog stamp that came free with a magazine last year (apologies to canine experts - these should be coloured black, as they are definitely Scotties rather than Westies, but I am not able to colour in black yet!!).  This was coloured with Copics (G07, R46, E11, E31, W-1, C-1, W-5) and a Sakura Gelly-Roll pen for some shimmer.  An Artline Caligraphy Pen was used to make the stitching effect.  The backing paper is from my Xmas scrap folder, as well as the plastic snowflakes embellies.  After mounting this onto a base card, I stamped the sentiment and snowflake (both Kanban) with a black Stazon inkpad.  A quick and simple card - which is definitely my style at the moment.

I also enter this into -

Fashionista Challenge - #7, Christmas (with Blog Hop)

Creative Craft Friends - #60. New Stamps

Ali x

Is it just me???? Should I just give up and move to a desert island??

I am continuing to have real trouble with Blogger.  Have discovered that I can now only type out a new post using the old interface.  They keep threatening to take this away completely, but it hasn't happened yet, so I keep merrily on using it until suddenly an alarm goes off and my screen goes blank!  Just typed out a post for a challenge entry, and now can't attach a photo - so, no good when my crafting is obviously image-led.

Anyone else having issues?  What other alternatives are out there - I was new to blogging in February - seen Wordpress mentioned?  So annoying, until about a month ago I was very happy with Blogger - even with our slow internet.

Ali x

ps The new interface was absolutely ok for me, until a few weeks ago when I noticed that I could only enter a new post with the HTML button clicked, and a lot of the 'buttons' were missing (can only be seen when I hover over them). It was by trial and error that I realised that the old interface still worked ok. Cannot even get into Blogger help now!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Feline Friend

It has been a long time since I last blogged, but I have been crafting (just haven't had the time or energy to enter any challenges). Monthly swap commitments have been met, cards made for family/friends, and even started to make cards for challenges - but then health (had dental treatment under general anaesthetic last Monday, and also been suffering otherwise) and hunting for a farm to buy has got in the way.

When I saw the latest theme over at CD Sunday, Feline Friends, I knew that I had to get my Jayne Netley-Mayhew CD-Rom out.  I chose a sweet blue Persian (just like Billie - who was tragically run over outside our house in 2005) and the image demanded a simple card.  The backing papers/card are from stash.  No sentiment - as then it can be personalised with an insert.

I also enter this into -

Card crafters Circle #40, Gone Gingham

Craft Punked #37, Pets

Simply Create Too #22, Anything Goes

Ali x

Friday, 31 August 2012

Love is what Christmas dreams are made of

Great. After having trouble typing posts in the new Blogger interface a few weeks ago, I discovered that using the old interface worked. However, this morning that had the same problem (can only type in when the HTML button is highighted) too, so back to square one!

Apologies if this post is particularly poorly laid out!

For Hazel's latest Christmas challenge the theme is a 'Card for a Couple'.

I raided my stack of Hunkydory topper sheets and found this very cute reindeer image. A sentiment from the same sheet, and two pieces of backing paper from my Xmas scrap bag completed the card.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cute Christmas

I haven't joined in at CD Sunday for a while and missed playing with my CD-Roms.  Their theme this week is Cute Christmas, so I got out Nigel May's A-Mazing Christmas CDs and chose this cute penguin twisted square topper plus coordinating backing paper.  Everything else is from stash.

I also enter this into -

Challenge Up Your Life - #76, Christmas in Summer

Craft Your Days Away - Anything Goes (their final challenge)

ATCs & Cards with Attitude - #21, Anything Goes

Crafty Anns Challenge Blog - #72, Christmas in August

Winter Wonderland - Christmas Challenge - Red and Green

Just Keep on Creating - Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Friday, 24 August 2012

CHNC #86 - Include a Building

Hazel's Christmas Challenge (CHNC) this week is to include a building or part of (ie door, window etc).  I received a lovely door stamp free with a magazine this week, so it didn't take me long to work out my card design.

I made the mistake of using my new Dove Grey Staz-On inkpad for the main image.  This proved too neutral for colouring, but we all learn by our mistakes!  I used Copics and a glitter pen in colours to suit the backing papers (all scraps from stash).  The Copics are - YG00, G14, R46, B02, BG05.  A red button and red/white twine added a cute detail.

I also enter this into -

Just Keep on Creating - Christmas Around the Corner Challenge

Ali x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WOYWW 168 & Early Morning Colouring

Happy WOYWW to everyone - especially those I do not get to visit.  My mum is staying until Friday, so not sure how much computer time I will get (up early as usual, so sneeked downstairs to my craft room for some sneeky crafting\blogging).

WOYWW or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a fab idea started by Julia on her fab blog, Stamping Ground.  Click on the link to discover a whole world of crafty spaces and inspiration.

On  my workdesk this still dark Wednesday (how depressing that I have to turn the lights on when I get up now) is far too much non-crafty stuff.  Due to the agricultural show last week, dentist visit (my first operation is on 10th September), and now my mum being in residence (should I raise a flag?!), I haven't really got to sit down in my craft room.  Post has been opened and piled up, magazines briefly read, competitions entered online, free gifts stroked and now it is all a bit of a mess.

My first photo shows a card I made for my hubby's elderly uncle, who is sadly not too well.  It is difficult to make a card in that situation, and even more difficult to choose a verse/sentiment for the insert.  However, this cute teddy and subtedly cheery wording seems to be suitable.

The second photo should show a brief snapshop of one of my desks this morning, if I have managed to take a photo on my new phone and then email it to myself (it doesn't seem to connect via Bluetooth).  I am making a Xmas card using the stamps and papers that came with Quick Cards Made Easy magazine, and tried stamping with my new Staz-On Dove Grey inkpad.  This was a little too neutral, so had to add some detailing with a fineliner pen after colouring with my Copics.  Colouring at such an early hour whilst my hands are stiff and sore, and my eyes were struggling to focus, proved to be a challenge.  Later today I will probably take one look and scream - but, for now, it will do!

Apologies for the photo quality.  My new phone isn't as good in the camera dept as the old one, and the light is not great.

Ali x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WOYWW 167 & Giveaway

Firstly, I have a ticket for the Great British Craft Festival at Donington Park this weekend.  I am not able to get there, so if anyone would like it, send me an email ( and I will pop it in the post tomorrow.

Secondly, apologies again for not having a current photo of my workspace.  I will sort out my photography issues this week and get something for next week.

Thirdly, before I forget, WOYWW stands for What is on your Workdesk Wednesday and was started by Julia in her wonderful blog, Stamping Ground.  There will be a long list of blogs to look at - add your own and enjoy!

I haven't done a huge amount of crafting this week.  Life seems to get in the way - and during the summer (even when the weather is rubbish) I always end up being outside more.  We were at our local 3-day Agricultural Show yesterday (in the hot sunshine!) - busy buying tractors, water troughs and fertiliser - and will be back there tomorrow for me to do some more fun shopping (riding boots needed) and see some ponies (as well as meet up with friends).  I have to leave early as I have a dentist appointment.  Because of my health conditions, I have to have dental treatment done under general anaesthetic and meeting up with my dentist and anaesthetist to discuss the next lot of sessions (8 fillings needed over 2 sessions!). 

On Friday we are going to view a neighbouring farm that is for sale.  We are considering buying it for the extra land, but it also comes with a nice house/old buildings - and we may move into the house ourselves (it is down a private lane and no neighbours, which would suit us more than our current farmhouse). 

Inbetween all this, I have a birthday card to make, as well as my usual monthly ATCs, Twinchies and a Postcard.

The other exciting news is that we are planning to buy a hot tub with hydrotherapy jets (good for me and Rich after his cycling), so then our current house will need changing around.  Rich's office will have the hot tub in it (close to the shower room and has a tiled floor), so he will then move into my craft room.  I will move upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms.  At least I may be able to get my proper storage sorted then!!  The room is the same size/shape, so I can have the same layout - and it also has the same big bay window.  Will be a struggle with the stairs though.

These are 3 Twinchies I received as part of the regular monthly swap on UK Stampers.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gingerbread People

I think I may be the first entry for Hazel's latest challenge at Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge #85, Festive Food & Drink.

Again, the November 2011 issue of Making Cards magazine supplied the main images (designed by Polkadoodles), and the star backing paper was from the Forever Friends, Christmas Snow paper pad.  A quick and simple card for an early Sunday morning!

I also enter this in -

Simply Create Too #19 Anything Goes

Stamping with Dragon - Christmas in August

Just Keep on Creating Christmas Challenge

Ali x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympic Teddy

It is my brother-in-law's 50th birthday on Sunday and I usually make him a rugby-themed card, as he used to play rugby for the army and now coaches. As a change and as his birthday falls on the last day of the Olympics, I decided to go with a more general sporting theme.

Debbi Moore's CD-Rom, Athletic Games, provided all the images/papers/border/sentiment and insert. All I had to do was assemble them onto a base card. Simple!!

I enter this into -

Crafty Cardmakers #71, Olympic Spirit

Papertake Weekly, Anything Goes

Try it On Tuesdays, Anything Goes for July